Research Project on School Absence

School absence in Finland and Sweden is a project studying problematic absenteeism in the two countries. We will conduct a validation study of three instruments used to screen and measure problems related to the absence. In addition, we collect stories on experiences of school absence from pupils, families and school personnel.

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New review article on studies measuring school refusal!

Researchers Alanko and Strömbeck have contributed to a joint European review about outcome measures used in treatment studies of school refusal. More than 3000 articles were reviewed and 51 studies included in the review. Based on the outcome measures used, the researchers created a list of constructs that were measured in the studies. The most common constructs were school attendance, emotional and behavioural symptom (including anxiety and depression), functioning and self-efficacy. The researchers discuss what constructs to include in future research and what the clinical relevance of measuring the constructs is. The researchers conclude that it is of importance to use valid attendance data, psychometrically sound instruments, create consensus about what measures and scales to use and how many measurement points to include in studies. Also, it is of importance to specify criteria for successful treatment outcome and to use several informants in collecting data.

The article can be accessed here refusal